Jon Bryant – Light

Jon Bryant weaves the mournful pop gem with mastery here on Light from Twenty Something, his latest (February 2016) long-player, which houses a collection of the ten tracks in the same vein. That isn’t to say that each song sounds the same-not at all, but he loves a touch of the minor key and it works very well for his vocal range and style.  Most importantly, the compositions here are beautiful!

Twenty Something is Jon Bryant’s junior effort, preceded by Two Coasts For Comfort (October 2009) and What Takes You (May 2012), but Twenty Something shows that Jon has found a voice for his songs that really works, the previous two efforts being necessary, beautiful, seeds. That isn’t to take anything away from either of the other two!  There are moments of true mastery, beauty, and musical wonder on both of his previous releases, but Twenty Something is a true cohesive collection.

You can find more information on Jon Bryant by visiting his website. Need a little more? Then head on up to Jon’s site and pick up either a physical or digital copy of Twenty Something or any of his other long-players and singles.  Check out Jon Bryant now!