Mt. Doubt – Soak

Edinburgh Scotland’s Leo Bargery has an alter-ego for music called Mt. Doubt and there is no doubt whatsoever that it is well worth your time listening.  This music falls into the vein of dark pop, but there is no denying the beauty of the music or the mastery of the instruments. Bargery’s vocals practically demand that you listen to the lyric lines; often mournful, plaintive stories in a folkish vein.

Mt. Doubt released the first long-player, My Past Is A Quiet Beast (May 2015) which highlights why he was able, without a label, to get some airplay in his native Scotland. Enter Mt. Doubt’s two-song single / EP, Afterglow which dropped back in April 2016, and does nothing but punctuates the fact that you /need/ to listen to Mt. Doubt. No, I mean right now! 

Mt. Doubt has no label raping him for profits, so these offerings are incredibly priced and well worth your investment.  Pick up both Afterglow and My Past Is A Quiet Beast for a, er, song on his site. You can also follow Mt. Doubt on the Facebook page.  Check this great one-man band out now!

Note: The second long-player from Mt. Doubt is due out in June, In Awe Of Nothing.