June Music Musings

The Loudness Wars Continue

One of the most frustrating things about music today is the extreme failure of the supposed “engineer” in charge of recording tracks, which insist on pushing each instrument to the saturation point. This tactic, argued and discussed all over the internet (Google “loudness wars”) and well demonstrated in this video, removes the dynamics of music and sets everything loud. It’s a failure of massive proportions.

One of the things that almost always turns me off of a video track or group is the obvious use of this musical saturation in the mix. You can take a group with great talent and relegate them to chump-change simply by having the wrong attitude about how a track should be recorded and presented.

Think about this the next time you listen to a track. Are all of the dynamics really there? It’s almost always easy to tell those engineers (or sometimes artists) that insisted that the mix be loud. Loud is just fine, as long as you are in charge of the volume.

Hey, I get to rant once in awhile!

Music purchases this past month

Miles to Dayton (self titled) – Absolutely NOT disappointing

The Lumineers – Think Dylan music, but the guy can sing.

Lots of great music coming up in June, so stay tuned.