Shaun Barrowes – Live for Music

There is an enormously uplifting quality to Live for Music, the collaborative performing effort, written by singer-songwriter, Shaun Canon. The song is a tribute to all of those people who have an enormous passion for music, and fight for that passion daily. Let’s face it, with school music programs suffering severe budget cuts or outright cuts in many school systems, fighting to play and learn music is becoming increasingly difficult. Being musical has proven to enhance the skills that we need to be teaching more of in school, math, science, deductive reasoning, and yet schools continue to cut music programs in favor of retaining sports. I’m not against sports, I love to watch a good football (U.S.) or basketball game, but these activities serve no purpose in later life for students, other than to foster an mostly unrealistic belief that they can succeed at sports as a profession, leaving them with nothing to fall back on if that doesn’t turn out. Music programs on the other hand help to nurture the very abilities that we need more of to remain, or return to, business competitiveness.

Now see, somehow I’ve gotten off on a soap box here. Anyway, Shaun Canon is raising awareness of the importance of music through this song and celebrating those musical passions spoken of above along the way.

You can find this song by clicking on this link. There’s much more to the ‘Live for Music’ cause which you can find out about on this web site. You can find out more about Shaun Canon by visiting his web site or the Reverbnation site. Support music education!