Kamali Kasumu – Gone

Note: The originally sourced video is no longer available, however, we did find a replacement here:

Kamali Kasumu released the single Gone back in June 2012, but when he released his long-player, Planet Kasumu a year later, Gone was included. Singer, song-writer Kamali Kasumu weaves today’s pop sensibility with modern R&B and Soul to conjure up a sound that is very pleasing indeed. Kamali has some wonderful pipes to reproduce those sounds with, too, as evidenced here.

Kamali is a Nigerian native who now resides in Riverdale, Georgia. Like all musicians, he’s looking for a way up in the music world-A hard road to be sure. Still, Kamali has the gift of melody, beat, soul, and voice that should carry him to success.  

My only complaint about Kamali has nothing to do with him and more to do with his website. It works, sure, but organizationally, it is a bit on the kerfuddled side. Also, the links don’t necessarily work. Clicking the Facebook link for instance does nothing. So if there are any web designers out there willing to help Kamali, maybe you should contact him? You can find an email for bookings, which I’m pretty sure will get to Kamali, by clicking the “Biography” section.

You can find some information on Kamali Kasumu on his website, or you can alternately go to his Facebook page. You can pickup up Planet Kasumu from the iTunes store. Check out this young artist now!