The Aquaducks – This Far

Note: The video no longer exists and there is no replacement for it. Most of the band’s other links are also dead.

You may recall The Aquaducks fun fusion of jazz, rock, and r&b, from about a year ago when we highlighted the single, Fuel The Funk. Now the band has released (November 2013) a seven-song self-titled LP, and you can find Fuel The Funk along with This Far (shown here). The LP clocks in at 36 minutes and change. 

This is party music, and that is something that The Aquaducks hang their hats on-And it’s fun!

You can find more information on The Aquaducks by visiting their website, Facebook or Reverbnation links, or head on over to their Bandcamp site, and pick up a copy of their self-titled LP. Check out this great band now!