Kelly Oliver – Rio

Kelly Oliver has been making excellent folk music for a couple of years now with the focus being on folk stories and a decidedly indie-pop delivery. It is an inspired sound and worthy of anyone’s turntable/CD player or digital list. You be the judge. Here is Rio from Kelly’s second full-length, Bedlam (March 2016) to give you a taste of that style. In the past, Ms. Oliver has written mostly her own material, but later this year (in September) she will release her junior effort, Botany Bay, which will contain traditional folk songs done up in a ‘Kelly Oliver’ bow. On display now (on is The Miser And His Daughter, which dates back to the 1800′s. Kelly’s treatment boldly reinvents the song while keeping a reverent watch on the original style.

Making her home in Hertfordshire, UK, Kelly Oliver has made a name for herself traveling around the UK playing lead-up roles for other folk artists and then graduating to a lead artist herself. There’s no denying her talent and the appeal of her history-meets-modern approach to her music.

You can find more information on Kelly Oliver by visiting her nicely formatted and inclusive website which includes links to purchase her music from iTunes or and of course, all of the social links that you require.

Check out this melding of the old with the new and pick up some Kelly Oliver music now!