KiDD – A Picture I Don’t Want To Paint

Prolific Scottish multi-instrumentalist KiDD, has been a part of the Scottish music scene since 2002, contributing guitars, bass, drums or vocals to a host of projects, not to mention his own solo work. On A Picture I Don’t Want To Paint (seen/heard here) from KiDD’s latest (March 2019) long-player, Chance Weekend, you get a feel for his sheer pop genius. Largely an acoustic number, it has electronic fills that add quite nicely to the auditory experience of this mournful minor-key masterpiece.

The only other track available for review, at the time of this writing, is the nearly CSN, Byrds, Buffalo Springfield sound of Tomorrow Sky. KiDD’s voice lends and blends a retro feel here, without sacrificing the modern edge. If these two tracks are in any way indicative of the entire project, this should be a stand-out KiDD offering.

You can find more information on KiDD by heading up to his website, or pick up some of his music on his link.  

Check out some slightly retro-modern frills from an accomplished musician by picking up some KiDD music now!

Update: (just before posting 4/03/19) This review was written weeks ago, and since that time the full long-player was released. Vodka purchased the LP in physical CD form and I have listened to it several times. Track by track, Chance Weekend is a cohesive and enjoyable set of music, fully worthy of an addition to your musical collection.