Tia Brazda – Daydream

Somewhere between modern jazz and pop, you will find the delightful vocals of Tia Brazda, and the island vacation influenced Daydream, the title track to her sophomore long-player (September 2018). Tia’s phrasings seduce the listener to keep listening, and that is not, as it turns out a bad thing. Listening to Daydream with your eyes closed, makes you think of a smokey little nightclub, with a pop-jazz performer that is yet undiscovered, wowing the small audience. Vodka has a fondness for such performances

As the co-composer to most of the tracks on Daydream and nearly the only credit for the lyrics, Tia is involved in every aspect of the creative process here, backed by a band with chops that knows how to lay low when required, and come alive when the music demands it, never overshadowing the vocal.

You can find more information on Tia Brazda by heading up to her website or pick up her music from her site in both physical and digital formats. 

Check out some pop jazz from a great practitioner by picking up some of Tia Brazda’s music now!