Kristoffer Bolander – Cities

Swedish singer-songwriter Kristoffer Bolander’s beautiful, anthemic single, Cities, from his sophomore long-player, What Never Was Will Always Be (March 2018) belies the stark message of a world in a new ice age lonely and devoid of most of the people. It’s a message worth heeding. 

Kristoffer’s music is a strange blend of power pop, anthemic crescendos, and clear lyrics, delivered in an earnest, honest and accessible way. Vodka missed out on Kristoffer’s freshman debut, I Forgive Nothing (Jan 2017) when it came out, but we intend to rectify that. This is great music worth listening to!

You can’t find all of Kristoffer’s information in one place, unfortunately, but you can find his Facebook page, which has some information, his site, where you can purchase digital copies of his music, or pick up the physical versions of both of his long-players at Tapete Records

Check out this amazing singer-songwriter now!