Courtney Barnett – Need A Little Time

Yes, It is yet another post from Courtney Barnett. This time it is the second single from the new long-player, Nameless, Faceless, which is scheduled for release in two days. (May 18, 2018) Need A Little Time is a more introspective look at life and perhaps the most serious single musical offering from Barnett to date, although to say she hasn’t approached serious subjects before would be incorrect (Avant Gardener comes to mind). It could signal a change in direction, or perhaps it’s just a one-off musical island, proof that Barnett has a serious side. 

Need A Little Time seems to point to the people who immediately ridicule others without knowing the least little bit about them-only that they don’t agree politically or perhaps socially. It is what is apparently telegraphed in the opening stanza “I don’t know a lot about you but you seem to know a lot about me.” It’s the opening that everyone should consider before having a knee-jerk reaction to someone’s opinion.  

Musically, Need A Little Time is a beautiful composition. It has a great melody and has just the right touches of Barnett’s edgy guitar work and plaintive vocal delivery to punctuate the song’s message. 

We have been singing Courtney Barnett’s praises since 2012 for good reason because she is a phenomenal talent that deserves to be heard widely. We continue to believe that unfailingly. You can find more information on Courtney Barnett by visiting her website or pick up all of her music digitally or in hard copy from either the store link on her website or her site. Do it now!