Laura Veirs – Everybody Needs You

I have been a fan of Laura Veirs from the first time I heard her on CMJ New Music Monthly’s  2005 sampler CD with the tune Galaxies. She has a captivating compositional style that keeps you listening. That hasn’t changed after 20 years of making great alternative flavored pop music. Veirs has just released her 10th solo long-player, The Lookout (April 2018), from which Everybody Needs You (seen/heard here) comes.

Laura Veirs has been uncompromising in being true to her musical visions, regardless of remaining unknown to many after such a long time making music. When the case/lang/veirs long-player came out over a year ago now, I had people that I spoke with who didn’t know who Neko Case or Laura Veirs were, which I found crazy! Let this long-player be your introduction to the extensive catalog of Laura Veirs music that you should go explore!

You can find more information on Laura Veirs by heading up to her website, where the social links and most purchase links are available. Missing is the link to her site, where you can pick up digital copies of /some/ of Laura’s music. The rest that is still in print can be found on her catalog link in both hard copy and digital formats.

If you’ve never become acquainted with Laura Veirs music, the time is now!