Moira Smiley – Wiseman

Moira Smiley is a singer and composer who writes folk songs that transcend the definitions of “folk” styles. She is a socially conscious painter of words and melodies, a weaver of intricate rhythms, voices, and refrains. Her long-player, Unzip The Horizon (April 2018) is nothing short of amazing on every level! 

Wiseman (seen/heard here) is a Celtic-flavored love song with a deeper meaning; Refugee is an accounting of the fear and uncertainty surrounding real refugees and has a vague reggae feel; Below is a world flavored anthem on survival and is the track that hosts the title of the long-player in its refrain-and there is so much more here. Each track is lovingly created to add a new picture to a book that will never be finished. In all, there are 14 tracks here. If you can walk away from a complete listen of this collection and gain nothing, then you are without a soul. This music is magic; It is at once inspiring and disheartening. 

Moira has been making music as Moira Smiley & VOCO for many years which is most likely the mother of the diverse flavor of the 14 tracks on Unzip The Horizon

You can find more information on Moira Smiley (including Moira Smiley & VOCO) by visiting her very complete website with all purchase and social links readily available. Digital tracks only are available from her site.

Explore folk music as you’ve never heard it before and pick up Unzip The Horizon now!