Lauren Mann – New Beginning

Lauren Mann’s latest long-player, Dearestly, released over a year ago now (July 2016), has been the source for some pretty great folk-pop music. The bouncy fun of New Beginning (seen/heard here) belies the understated emotional feelings of loss and the need for a personal reboot.

Mann’s musical career started in 2011 and has always depended on her social network of fans to get the word out about her music. Her first collection of songs was 2011′s, Stories From Home, which were repackaging’s of her own home recordings. It was followed by 2012′s standout Over Land And Sea with her band The Fairly Odd Folk. Vodka covered the title track of that LP when we announced the release of Dearestly back in July 2016. 

The quiet period between album releases has been filled with touring and live performances and of course, life. Life has a way of dealing both winning and losing hands, and Dearestly is a clear reflection of both.  

If you have yet to add Lauren Mann’s music to your personal collection, we recommend that you end that hold-off right now! You can find more information on Lauren Mann from her website, which includes all purchase and social links. You can also purchase digital versions of her music from her site.

Don’t wait! Check out this wonderful folk artist now!