Lauren Pratt – Days Like Tonight

Miss Lauren Pratt’s debut long-player, Days Like Tonight, is due to drop in just a few days, and people, you should be poised to pick this baby up immediately!  There is an authenticity about Miss Pratt’s music and delivery that is simply undeniable. Here on the title track for the long-player, Lauren pines about how tough it is to be an artist and trying to pay the bills when people are staying home and watching the game instead of coming to your gigs.  For sure, it is a sentiment that has been shared by a long list of struggling musicians over years and years, but not with such beauty and grace.  Lauren’s wonderful voice demands that you listen to her song-not just on the surface, but down deep in your soul. 

There’s not a lot of information about Lauren out there. There’s a bit on her Facebook page, which you can link to from her web site, which is really just a link to all of her other social sites. Suffice it to say that Lauren’s music tells the bulk of her story at the moment. Days Like Tonight is steeped in folk and Americana, dipped in country-just a dab thankfully-and sung with beautiful conviction. 

You can find a pre-order for Days Like Tonight on Lauren’s site and check out her other links by visiting her web site now!