SWIMM – Beverly Hells

SWIMM provides rock in the medium driving tempo, full melodic vein. In other words, the kind that sticks in your head.  Beverly Hells is the title track from their new EP due out August 28. There’s a touch of psychedelic 70′s in here, although it is relegated to a feeling more than a sound.  Whatever the category, the music is full of just the right sounds and vocals.  

SWIMM is basically a two-piece, made up of Chris Hess and Adam Winn from Florida, now making their home and mark on Los Angeles, CA. There is actually quite a bit available from the band’s web site, which is actually just a redirect to their Tumblr blog. They are touring extensively this year up and down the West and East coasts of the USA as well as Canada, so be sure and check out their tour schedule to see if SWIMM will be in your area this year.

You can pre-order the new EP, from the duo’s site or pickup their older 2013 EP, Feel.  Get out their and listen to some SWIMM now!