Lindsay White – Let Love Lead The Way

Lindsay White’s Let Love Lead The Way (seen/heard here) is an anthem and was written for the 2019 Women’s March San Diego, CA. Lindsay has appeared once before on Vodka about two years ago with the review and video for Lights Out

Lindsay is a notable advocate for all things that make the human condition better. Whether it is her advocacy for women’s rights in the wake of the #metoo movement, grief support, support for LBGTQ or leading songwriting workshops for girls, White has staked out a place that is inclusive and supportive within those spaces.  Most notable, as far as Vodka is concerned, are her efforts in songwriting and performing. Words have meaning, But words and music have a life all their own.

You can find more information on Lindsay White by heading up to her nicely formatted and very complete website. You can purchase Lindsay White music by heading up to Amazon, which includes digital singles like this one, plus both of her long-players, 2010′s Tracks and 2017′s Lights Out

Check out a great singer/songwriter that has multiple other talents as well by picking up some Lindsay White music now!  Be part of the greater good!