Little Hurricane – That Woman / Poor Me

One of Vodka’s favorite rock couples, Little Hurricane, had a new long-player in 2019, and it slipped beneath the radar for some reason. Enter That Woman and  Poor Me from their August 2019 long-player, Love Luck! There is no duo in rock and roll that has the big sound of Little Hurricane!  Their music hearkens from blues rock and roots rock, but it is absolutely their own formula.  If dirty blues is the style, then Little Hurricane is the ruler of that style. 

For the uninitiated (first, why have you waited so long??), Little Hurricane is the rough (Tone) and the gentle (CC) that combines to make a sound that will blow you out of your seat and onto the nearest dance floor. That’s just the beginning. Blend in the fuzzed-out lead guitar of Tone and the incredible spot-on drumming by CC, and you get the perfect band, all in two pieces. The sound is like you had four or maybe six people up there playing, but it is always just the two of them, and that is plenty of goodness for anyone!

You can find past Little Hurricane posts on Vodka by simply clicking on this line. You can pick up any of the band’s previous releases from their website store including Love Luck!  There isn’t much information on the band on their website anymore, but you can find a pretty decent set of information on their Wikipedia page, although that page is missing the 2019 long-player entirely. 

Check out one of the best duos in rock and roll now and pick up some Little Hurricane music!  Then prepare to move your furniture for some rocking out of your own.