Lindsay White – Lights Out

If Lights Out doesn’t blow you away musically, lyrically it will have you on the edge of tears. Lindsay White is a folk musician whose vocal and instrumental beauty flows freely, but the stories-Oh the stories! In Lights Out, the title track to her 2017 long-player, Lindsay sings of a person who fought her way through life and fought her way out. It’s a story of life and loss and everything in the middle. It’s about putting up walls that you can’t see beyond. It’s about walls as protection and walls as personal isolation. 

Musically, Lights Out’s dreamy melody is infinitely singable and wonderful. It drifts softly, even when the message is sometimes harsh. It’s a song that bears repeating and then will repeat itself in your head, but certainly not in a bad way. The song is extremely short for the complexity of the story, which leads you to believe that you are only getting the condensed version, enough to set you wondering about the blanks that aren’t filled in. 

You can find more information on Lindsay White by visiting her website or pick up the physical CD of Lights Out from her store link. Here at Vodka, we haven’t had time to peruse the entire offering, but if Lights Out (the song) is any indication, this is an artist that deserves your support. 

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