Mipso – Down In The Water

From time to time, Vodka takes a look back at an artist that graced our reviews some time ago to see how the group or artists is faring today. Sometimes we are disappointed to find they no longer exist, and sometimes, like this time, we find that the group/artist is still out there making great music. Enter Mipso, which first appeared on Vodka back in August of 2013 with Carolina Calling.

Mipso is a folk-bluegrass group from Chapel Hills, North Carolina. They have been making music for a number of years now. At the time we first reviewed them, they had a long-player called Long Long Gone, which apparently is now, long, long gone, as it doesn’t show up anywhere in their discography. Down In The Water (seen/heard here) is from the group’s 2015 release, Old Time Reverie, but the band has a new long-player, Coming Down The Mountain (April 2017).

You can find more information on Mipso by checking out their website, or pick up their music from the Music link there. They also have a page, however, it includes only the latest digital download for Coming Down The Mountain and a 2015 2-track single called Faces.

Check out this great folk-bluegrass group and consider adding them to your music collection!