Lindsey Stirling – The Arena

As sometimes happens, a journey to research an artist for Vodka led to the discovery of this amazingly talented violinist, Lindsey Stirling, and the video for Crystallize and that led us to look up Lindsey and to find this video, The Arena, from a new long-player due out (by the time you read this, it should be out) August 19, 2016, entitled Brave Enough

Vodka doesn’t very often dwell on instrumental music but there are exceptions, and we are happy to include Lindsey Stirling in the “exceptions” department.  Lindsey’s music is light, airy, full of beats and musical rhythms.  It stirs the imagination to conjure up images and even though there are plenty of video references for her music, the video that is your imagination is much better. You may not find Lindsey’s music danceable in the strictest sense, but you will want to move to it-and what is dance but movement?

You can find more information on Lindsey Stirling by heading up to her website. You can pick up Brave Enough soon enough (likely right now!), but there are two long-players available via Amazon and iTunes, Lindsey Stirling (2012) and Shatter Me (2014)  available via the music link on the website. Both are very reasonably priced!

Check out this amazing artist now!