Lucas Jack – A Little More

You may remember self-proclaimed reformed lawyer Lucas Jack from clear back in 2013 and the video/review for Don’t Get Carried Away. Well, Lucas is back and adding more muscle to his great piano-rock with his new long-player, Make It Beautiful (August 2016), from which A Little More comes. It’s great stuff and rocks a little harder than the original LP.

Before we continue, though, let’s talk just a bit about that earlier review. On December 12th, 2013, when the original review was posted, the long-player that we were reviewing was Sun City released in March 2013. If you head on up to Lucas’ site now, you will see that the earliest long-player listed is Before I Forget, with a release date of February 2015. If you check the tracklisting, most of the tracks from the original Sun City are there, so we sent a message to Lucas to ask him about the change, and here was his response:

“You are totally correct. I sold out of Sun City CD’s in 2015. Then we got a new manager that suggested we re-release the songs, but cut out all the slow acoustic tracks. So that’s what we did. Before I Forget is just Sun City with some fat trimmed.   Sorry for the confusion.”

To agree with that decision, you have to believe that the slow acoustic numbers were just filler, and we don’t. As it turns out, neither does the artist as he plans to re-release those slower numbers as an EP later this year. Anyway, whatever the case, whether it is Sun City or now Before I Forget, the tracks are excellent. So let’s just say that if Lucas Jack becomes famous and you have the original Sun City, then you are going to be one happy camper!

Getting back to Make It Beautiful, let’s just say at the outset that it is beautiful! From the lead-off track, Everybody Tells Me, to the mellow closer, Hold On Clementine, these are anthems of a life lived that everyone can identify with. Reruns examines hopes and dreams as they relate to relationships, and Hey Little Darling is about the joys of fatherhood.  Every song is a testament to life done up in Lucas Jack’s extreme understanding of pop-rock hooks and tied with a bow.  These are songs for the soul; Ten tracks that will make your life more complete.

You can find more information on Lucas Jack by visiting his well-designed website and pick up both physical and digital copies of his long-players and EP’s from his site. If you are still among the uninitiated, then you need to change that right away. Pick up some of the best pop-rock you will find anywhere now!