Longshot Nelson and The Disjoints – Ghost Of Fairy Rock

Fun, weird, Scottish folk, with plenty of twists and turns, here is Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints. While there is plenty to love here, the underlying principle of these tunes is simple, often minor key melodies that always tell a story. Most of the instrumentation is simple and old-school, with just touches of modern instrumentation to add to the odd and wonderful sound. After listening to Longshot Nelson a bit, I challenge you to get this music out of your head. You’ll be humming and singing them to yourselves long after they have finished playing. 

The band, is mysterious, in that none of their sites fully lists the band mates. You can find some information about the band from their blogspot site, which lists the remaining social and music links too. If you are enjoying Ghost Of Fairy Rock, you can pick up the October 2013 full-length Undead At Night, from the band’s label site, along with a free EP release, Coming For Your Blood (also released in October). 

Check out Longshot Nelson And The Disjoints for some weird Scottish folk fun!