Perfect for an after New Years’ party post, comes Lora Faye’s personal folk-blues-grunge single, Old Gas Station (November 2012). Lora’s voice literally cries out for someone to tell her what happened, when she wakes up to find a dead man and herself covered in blood. She has no memory of what happened. The video is draped in darkness and uses an old speakeasy vibe to portray the story, the mystery, and the song. 

Check out Lora Faye by visiting her website (social links included) and purchase Old Gas Station and her previous EP, Social Magic, from Check out Lora Faye now!

Editor’s Note: The website is now gone and any reference to this track on is gone along with the entire link.  If you missed hearing the song.  We are sorry, but we tried. The website now redirects to Arthur Moon.