The Corner Laughers – Bells of El Camino

It’s no accident that The Corner Laughers’ June 2012 full-length is called Poppy Seeds. The Corner Laughers are in no small part a 60’s revival band. That is perfectly evident here on Bells of El Camino. If you are old enough to remember The Mama’s and the Papa’s (California Dreamin’ comes to mind) or at least if you have heard the music before, this music is going to sound very familiar. Think of Bells of El Camino as a snapshot glimpse into the remaining 11 tracks.

That’s not to say that The Corner Laughers don’t add there own styling to these tracks. This is not your fathers 60’s music, to be sure, but there is plenty to love about The Corner Laughers’ commitment to the style.

You can find The Corner Laughers by visiting them on, on their MySpace page, on Facebook or at Mystery Lawn Music. Jump into Mr. Peabody’s ‘Way Back’ machine and go visit The Corner Laughers now!