Lucas Jack – Dear Life

Lucas Jack appeared on Vodka for the first time in 2013 with the mini-review for Don’t Get Carried Away. He’s kept making music and releasing an LP every few years, with his signature style paying homage to an earlier time in music when the piano was king. With Dear Life (seen/heard here), the famous upright piano is replaced with an electronic keyboard, but the musical style is very much 70s throw-back pop. It’s delightful!

Joined by bandmates Michael Gomez (drums) and Justin Schneider (bass), Lucas Jack pulls out all the stops. The electric piano provides the melody and a base for Gomez’s rhythms.  Dear Life is a single from the upcoming LP release (likely sometime this year), Bittersweet Is BetterJack plans to tease singles from the LP as he ramps up for the release. Watch for it! 

Lucas Jack first released the Chicago EP in 2012, followed by his first LP, Sun City (in 2013). Sun City was reformatted and stripped of some of its lovely textures to become Before I Forget (2015) with the tracks removed becoming the EP Slow.Down. (2015).  Finally, in 2016, came Jack’s Make It Beautiful LP. He’s never stopped recording or performing, except perhaps with the pandemic. That he has plans for a new LP this year is welcome news to Vodka’s ears!

Lucas Jack
Lucas Jack

You can find more information on Lucas Jack by going to his nicely formatted website. Everything is there, including links to his social and streaming platforms, a store link for artist swag, physical media, the all-important contact form, and more. One thing that is no-longer available is Jack’s site. I don’t know the reasoning behind this, but it could be an attempt to keep all his media and sales in one location.

Check out Lucas Jack now! Watch for more singles to drop from Bittersweet Is Better, and stream them from his streaming platforms when they do. Pick up the LP when it drops later this year!