Peter Wise – Only Gotta Start

Pop singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist,  Peter Wise makes his Vodka debut with Only Gotta Start (seen/heard here). This is the first single from a forthcoming as yet unnamed 13-track LP. Wise has a beautiful tenor voice, and he’s not afraid to let it ring out. I  was torn between using this version, which includes other instruments and backing vocals, and this one with Wise, a microphone, and a keyboard. In the end, I chose the full-instrumentation version, but they are both excellent, with the latter perhaps giving more emphasis to Wise’ vocal chops. 

Only Gotta Start (lyrically) is all about letting go of negative things. Pride, ego, hurt, frustration, and dark thoughts-all of that causes a lot of baggage to be carried around that no one needs. Wise says to let it all go and start living! The music bleeds positivity, with the bouncy keyboards, guitars, and fun rhythms all punctuating the lyrical message. From Wise:

“I was feeling pretty burned out with my life at the time I wrote this song. I felt that, despite being extremely busy and making a concerted effort to move forward professionally and personally, I wasn’t making any forward progress. I really wanted to move on in my life, see progress in my career and progress in letting go of a past relationship.”

He says that this song is all about his personal renewal, and urges others not to let the darkness of their past hunt them and define who they are.

Peter Wise - singer songwriter
Peter Wise

You can find more information on Peter Wise by heading up to his very complete, if insecure, website. Everything is there, social, streaming, tour schedule (currently empty), bio, and contact form.  Though the website was not listed in the promotional material that the marketing company sent me, I urge the artist to maintain this as a hub for all information. That means taking the time to get a secure certificate in place to protect his visitors. A website is a one-stop shop, that can point to your other social platforms. It’s all about personal marketing and networking.

Listen to this track on your favorite streaming platform and watch for the release of more singles from the LP as the year progresses. If Only Gotta Start is any indication, the rest of the LP will be very promising indeed!