Lula Wiles – Love Gone Wrong

Vodka has always had a soft spot for close female harmonies and the wonderful three-piece, Lula Wiles, does not disappoint. Steeped in the traditions of folk music, Lula Wiles bandmates, Isa Burke, Eleanor Buckland, and Mali Obomsawin, add just a hint of a more modern indie sound that keeps their music fresh and delightfully accessible while remaining true to the story-telling traditions of folk music. Love Gone Wrong (seen/heard here) is the lead-off track to the band’s sophomore long-player, What Will We Do (January 2019). 

So what does a track-by-track analysis reveal about Lula Wiles sound? They fall in the difficult category between indie-folk, straight folk, and country. These are all just flavorings, though, as the troupe is not committed, or beholden, to a particular genre or sound. They adopt a melody or style to reflect what the lyrics demand. The effect overall is a sound that is diverse enough to hold your interest throughout the twelve tracks and cohesive enough to belong together in the same collection. It’s a balancing act that these three young women handle to perfection.

You can find more information on Lula Wiles by heading up to their website or pick up digital and physical copies of their music from their link. Check out the full-flavor-folk of Lula Wiles now, by checking out their music!