Andrea von Kampen – Portland

With effortless vocals, Andrea von Kampen spins a folk web of intimate pop-influenced musical magic. She has been on the music scene in Lincoln, Nebraska, since at least 2015, when she issued her first EP, Another Day. Her clear, bell-like voice lends instant beauty to her thoughtful lyrics. Portland (seen/heard here) is from Andrea’s just-released (February 2019) debut long-player, Old Country, which contains eight slow to medium tempo stories, six of which were penned by von Kampen

Actually, the unvaried tempo of these tracks is my only complaint, and it’s a minor one in this case. Vodka tends to want a variety in a collection-both from a tempo and content perspective. That said, the brevity of the long-player means that the lack of tempo difference has less of an effect on the overall package. Had the long-player gone on, er, longer (say 10 to 12 tracks) without variance, then it would be a bigger deal. 

On Old Country, Andrea is backed by a host of capable Nebraska-based musicians who add wonderful texture to these compositions, but Andrea is the star here, as her voice carries these songs and transforms these stories into a beautiful musical portrait.

You can find more information on Andrea von Kampen by heading up to her nicely formatted website. You can pick up her music, including earlier EP’s from her store link which is a redirect to her site.

Check out some wonderful and creative folk music from Andrea von Kampen now by picking up some of her music!