Lydian Collective – East

Vodka seldom posts straight-up instrumentals, but there are exceptions, and East from Lydian Collective is an exception well worth the spotlight. East is from their debut long-player Adventure (March 2018), and the band may seem to have burst onto the music scene as some sort of a “where have these musicians been?!” moment. That isn’t the case. The collective made up of Aaron Wheeler (keyboards), Todd Baker (guitar), Ida Hollis (bass), and Sophie Alloway (drums), all have individual success stories before forming Lydian Collective. The composition duties fall generally to Aaron and Todd

Musically, the band is a fusion force to be reckoned with, blending jazz, rock, and electronica to form a sound all their own. That sound has a general uplifting feel to it. The lead-off track, Thirty One, was enough to hook Vodka into listening and eventually purchasing this great set of music.

You can find more information on Lydian Collective by heading up to their very complete website. You can also pick up Adventure on their bandcamp site. The long-player is available as digital download, CD, and Vinyl as of this writing. 

Vodka highly recommends this great set of instrumental music! Play it for an uplifting day, as a positive background mood-setter. Play it anytime, but purchase it NOW!  Go… You know you want to!