Sister Speak – The Stand

Sister Speak is essentially singer/songwriter, Sherri Anne (vocals/guitar) and an ever-changing group of solid musicians, which at the moment includes  Sarven Manguiat (electric guitar) and Avli Avliav (keyboards, Moog bass, and programming). The sound is a delicious blend of indie-pop, folk, and electronica that is immediately pleasing to the ear. The title track of the six-song EP by the same name, The Stand (seen/heard here) is about taking a stand on issues, particularly social issues, but never ends up too preachy or self-important. Sherri Anne’s vocals lend perfect inflection to the stories here and the music is bright and modern in every respect. 

Bursting on the music scene in 2014 with the stand-out rock and blues of their debut long-player, Rise Up For Love, Sister Speak continues to expand their horizons with The Stand. The themes of both offerings are up-lifting and hope-driven and that can’t be a bad thing in this age of anger and division.

You can find more information on Sister Speak by heading up to their very complete website, which includes a nice bio on the band and physical copies of The Stand and Rise Up For Love available via the shop link. You can also find both the EP and long-player on their site.

Consider some uplifting modern rock in the form of Sister Speak and pick up this band’s music today!