Mackenzie Shivers – Names

Mackenzie Shivers writes some very pretty music and lyrics and delivers a convincing performance. I would have only one small complaint: Mix the vocals just a little higher so that the lyrics are more audible. The vocals are only marginally under mixed, so it isn’t a big complaint. There’s plenty to like about Mackenzie Shivers and with only two EP’s currently available, plenty of time to tweak things up in the production department.  

Musically, Shivers melody on Names (seen/heard here) from her first EP, Living In My Head (September 2016), feels like it is dammed up and ready to burst, like the very next refrain will be an exclamation to the world, but that never quite happens. Instead, you feel the subtlety of it, feel the presence of it and get the meaning and feeling without the anthemic delivery.  It’s a strange listening experience, but it works.

Living In My Head’s counter-part is the newer 4-song EP, Ravens (October 2017) which benefits from improved production qualities. Music throughout both offerings is excellent.  

You can find more information on Mackenzie Shivers by heading up to her website, which includes all the requisite social and purchase options and a nice bio. Or if you just want to purchase her music, you can head on over to her site

Consider adding some wonderful singer-songwriter goodness to your music collection with Mackenzie Shivers!