Big Little Lions – Find Your Tribe

Five years ago and change, Vodka posted a wonderful one-off by singer/songwriter Helen Austin, called Perfect Girl. Just recently, I took a trip back through the archives, landed on that track, and wondered what happened to Helen. Thankfully, she is still out there, making music, as part of a duo now called Big Little Lions. Enter Find Your Tribe (seen/heard here), the lead-off single to that wonderful new collection of songs titled Alive And Well (February 2018). Paul Otten, a singer/songwriter in his own right, joins Helen to form this perfect collaborative association, that now has three long-players to their credit plus a couple of nice EP’s.

The overall sound of Big Little Lions, runs the gammon, blending folkish melodies, with more than a nod to indie-pop. The listener shouldn’t get bored or uninterested from the start to the final folk anthem of Do Better, a message worth heeding in this world of high tension and anger. There are great blended two-part harmonies strung throughout. Most of the melodies and messages are upbeat. There are a few more staid tracks and then there is Unicorn, which may have a not-so-subtle and timely message about the world today. 

You can find more information on Big Little Lions by heading up to their very complete website, which contains all the purchase and social links you require and upcoming live performances you can (and should) catch. 

Consider adding some indie-pop / folk tales from two very talented singers/songwriters that have found a path forward together. Big Little Lions should be part of your permanent playlist!