Magnolia Sons – For Your Love

It’s no accident that this cover of the Yardbirds For Your Love should be performed by Nashville, Tennessee’s Magnolia Sons. The band has been making 60’s and 70’s r&b and rock retro tunes in single form for the past couple of years. Their latest two-song single, Nobody But You and Hey Emmaline (April 2013) continues that pattern of single releases in that retro style. 

Magnolia Sons has no posted bio on their web site but you can get a close approximation by clicking on their press kit link, which does give you a complete run-down of the band. The band gets a lot of their retro feel from stellar performances by the instruments, full of brass, wind, keyboards, guitars and more, plus solid vocal leads and harmonies. You can pick up a bunch of the bands singles in digital format from their site. Check out retro relived with Magnolia Sons!