Mirabillis – The City

Beautiful, a bit eerie and compelling; Those are terms that come to mind when describing Mirabilis and the The City from the soon to be released long-player (as of this writing) Here and Hereafter. Mirabilis combines alternative stylings of gothical and classical music, concentrating on voices. Made up of Dru Allen and Summer Bowman, who take turns leading and harmonizing throughout The City, Mirabilis is defined in Latin as wonderful, miraculous and unusual-and that it is! In some ways this reminds me of what was known in the 70’s as “headphone music,” or music that you could listen to through speakers, but were bound to miss something without headphones; It has that feel.

You can find more information on Mirabilis by visiting their web site or you can pick up the Here And Hereafter four-song sampler from Close your eyes, plug in those headphones and take a listen to Mirabilis!