Malika Tirolien – Grow

Malika Tirolien may be familiar to you if you are a fan of Snarky Puppy, a collective of musicians who have made a name for themselves in instrumental music influenced by jazz, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, pop music and more. Malika sang on the group’s Grammy-winning Family Dinner – Volume One. A singer, songwriter, and pianist based in Montreal, Malika will wow you with her music and style as noted here on GROW, from the recent (February 2021) LP, HIGHER. This electric, energy-driven, track explores jazz, funk, and R&B in a way that destroys the boundaries between each genre and blends seamlessly into modern music in a way that is pleasing to the ears of all. It’s a formula that has driven Snarky Puppy, and the sound here is reminiscent of that. Perhaps this is because of founding Puppy, Michael League’s, co-producer duties along with Malika, or perhaps that’s because musically, they are simpatico. 

None of this matters when the music kicks in, and it does kick in!  With synthesizer, drums, guitars – a full band’s worth of sound. Malika, however, is everywhere in front of the music, no matter how hard it punches. The vocals are spot-on and the melody will have you humming or singing along, while your body gets moving to that tremendous beat and sway. Feel it! This is groove music that will put a smile on your face, and we need as much of that as possible with all of the negatives in the world right now. 

You can find a little information on Malika Tirolien from the Ground Up music label page for her here, or check out her Facebook or Twitter accounts. Want some of this groove for yourself (Of course you do!), then check out the Ground Up store link or Malika’s page. Unfortunately, there are no physical purchase options available at any of those sources, just digital downloads, but the music is so worth it! 

Pick up some Malika Tirolien music today!

Note: With Covid-19 still around, probably to be with us for some time, artists like Zola and many others need your purchases to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka