Jimkata – Roots Down

You’ve got to love this band! Jimkata,  is a three-piece synth-based pop band, that transcends that label, mixing in echoes of Motown, modern rock and funk, within that framework. It’s a formula that definitely works, as demonstrated by Roots Down (seen/heard here), a single that was released back in March. This track is full of dance-beat goodness, but not the thump-thump of the modern DJ-driven spinners, replacing that instead with a genuine beat that compliments the music perfectly. The band’s vocals are very pleasing. 

If you are looking for information on the band members, all I can say is that the three-piece is made up of Evan Friedell, Aaron Gorsch, and Packy Lunn, friends since middle school. They’ve been making music together since at least 2009, with their most recent long-player (aside from a “hits” album) 2016′s In Motion. Coming up (perhaps even released by the time you read this) is the band’s 2021 release Bonfires. Hopefully, that will include Roots Down

The band’s website is fairly complete, aside from a sketchy biography and a missing link to their site. Otherwise, the social and streaming links are there. 

Check out this fun-loving three-piece band that is destined to get you moving. Pick up some Jimkata music now!