Marco Dalla Villa – Wonderful Days

A London-based DJ and producer from Italy, Marco Dalla Villa, doesn’t take himself too seriously. He may have studied music theory and composition, but that is what allows him to step outside, feel the music, and push the emotional and social markers while playing loose with the composition. Enter Wonderful Days (seen/heard here), destined to make your head and feet move, and bring a smile to your face. What more can you ask for in these times? 

Wonderful Days features bouncy vocals provided by Leanna Gage, a singer in her own right. The production here is just right, and since this is Marco’s creation, that’s definitely a good thing. The music is totally ready for the dance floor and the lyric is pretty straightforward: love found, love lost, love found, and all done in a feeling of total positivity!

You can find more information on Marco Dalla Villa by heading up to his website, which includes all of the social, streaming, and purchase links you require. The biography is sketchy, but at least there is something. 

Pick up some positive chilled-out vibes from a DJ / producer that knows what music is. Check out Marco Dalla Villa now!

Note: In many areas, things are opening up again, with Covid-19 vaccinations helping to ebb the flow of the virus, But artists like Marco Dalla Villa and many others are still struggling to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka