Mathew Ampersand – 20 Seas 4 Oceans

I Am Ampersand, otherwise known as singer-songwriter Matt Hainsby, delivers a folk-blues gem with 20 Seas 4 Oceans from his November 2012 long-player Grave Goods. Just a little acoustic playful guitar, a bit of electronic noodling-but only for texture, a nice tenor voice and great spare backing vocals. This could have dropped straight out of the late 60’s playbook onto your doorstep. 

Matt Hainsby’s solo work here is in stark contrast to the nearly progressive folk-rock of his regular band, Fujiya & Miyagi, where he is the bass player, but there are still elements of that band that creep into I Am Ampersand.

You can find more information on I Am Ampersand by visiting his web site, with a purchase link available for Grave Goods ( You can find Fujiya & Miyagi on their web site as well. Check out this interesting bit of folk-pop from Matt Hainsby’s alter-ego!