Middle Class Fashion – Sugar Hrt Candy

Singer and pianist Jenn Malzone is a busy girl, fronting Middle Class Fashion while maintaining playtime with Paper Dolls and Tight Pants Syndrome-all hailing from St. Louis, MO. All I can say is, “St. Louis, you are lucky folks indeed!” Jenn Malzone plays the middle ground in a shifting minor key to major key musical landscape, making her brand of pop sound more interesting than a normal pop songstress. Here on Middle Class Fashion’s Sugar Hrt Candy, from the January 2012 long-player, Girl Talk, you get not just the music but the humor of the band. 

Middle Class Fashion’s other members were plucked from Tight Pants Syndrome (Brian McClelland, bass, keyboards, vocals) and Paper Dolls (Brad Vaughn, drums, guitar, vocals). It is evident that this band knows how to play well with each other, providing just the right touches in this playful pop formula.

You can find Middle Class Fashion on their web site. Consider a purchase of Girl Talk from the link and while you’re nosing around, check out Paper Dolls and Tight Pants Syndrome as well.