Matrimony – Obey Your Guns

Obey Your Guns is an anthem to youth and seizing the day. It takes up a marching, celebratory tone, and cautions listeners to follow their dreams before they are too old to do it. 

Matrimony combines Americana and Folk influences to create, if not a unique sound, then at least a fully textured one. Lead vocal duties are shared by husband-wife team Jimmy Brown and Ashlee Hardee Brown, with the former playing lead guitar and the latter providing keyboards as needed. The remaining bandmates include CJ Hardee (banjo and mandolin), Jordan Hardee (drums), and Zach Smith (bass). The band currently performs around the North Carolina area.

Matrimony’s first full-length is supposed to be out Spring of 2013. There is no one-stop-shop for everything that is Matrimony, so to find more about the band you’ll need several sources. You can find info on Matrimony from their Facebook, MySpace, Reverbnation and Bandcamp sites. Check out Matrimony!