Me & You – S.O.L.

Brother and sister duo me&you (Karlee and Connor Hormell), forge a plaintive ballad with S.O.L.  that blends dual leads with beautiful two-part harmonies and a message that we have all shared at one point or another: down on our luck, shit out of luck. Yep, we’ve all been there. 

S.O.L. is lyrically minimal but gets the message across. Instrumentally, the single is alternately sparse and grand where it needs to be. me&you boil their music in a pot of Americana that is unmistakable, but accessible across pop and folk genres as well. 

Karlee and Connor grew up with music all around them. They started playing instruments at an early age and learned to examine the world around them in the context of musical discovery. That has taken them far and wide. Fresh out of college, the two traveled to New Zealand in 2016. They explored nature in some unforgiving surroundings and looked for musical inspiration where they could find it. S.O.L. finds them at a new crossroads, comfortable in their personal Americana-folk-pop musical coats, and willing to share who they are to the world. They are hoping that the listener will come along for the ride. I can’t think of a better adventure!

You can find more information on me&you on their website, including tour schedule, a nice and complete bio, all the requisite social links, purchase links, and more. Check out me&you now!

Note: Vodka hasn’t posted many audio-only videos in the past. I prefer to include an actual video with a music review if one exists. In the absence of such, an audio-only track is an acceptable substitute.