Meg Myers – Cold

Music Musings – July 2013

Focus on Meg Myers

There’s no denying the influence that Meg Myers has had over me during the last year. I keep returning to her performances time and again. Watchful readers will note that it has only been a couple of weeks since Heart Heart Head was reviewed and before that, there have been two other videos Tennessee, about 7 months ago and Monster almost a year ago. Monster grabbed me (and many other readers) so much, that it made the top 40 tracks for 2012. Now that she has signed with a major label there is a flourish of additional activity, musically, that is very welcome. 

Her marvelous EP, Daughter In The Choir, gave us a glimpse into her diversity, shining a light on her pop chops, humor and her ability to rock. It showed us how carefully and completely she could harness raw emotion and release it so perfectly that you believed-truly believed-in the power of her words and music. Her most recent video release, Cold, shows us that she can do a ballad-but not just any ballad, a ballad in the style that only Meg Myers could deliver; raw, as if her soul were laid bare for all to see. Using just a simple fuzzed out electric guitar and her powerful voice she delivers this all. 

While I’m a bit tenuous about any talented artist getting a major label contract, I’m hopeful that Meg Myers will be able to keep creative control of her music and output, because there is no doubt whatsoever that she is the one that knows where she is going and how she is going to get there. That said, I look forward to the exposure that a major label can offer and more-I look forward to a new Meg  Myers long-player.

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