Meg Myers – Motel

Not quite a year ago, Meg Myers, a rocker that Vodka has been following for some time, finally released her first long-player, Sorry (September 2015), after two excellent EP’s, Daughter In The Choir (2012) and Make A Shadow (2014), along with a host of equally well-done music videos. We can’t understand why she has yet to become a household word in the rock n’ roll fan base. Ms. Myers was really active right up until she was picked up by Warner Music and then things got pretty quiet.  I’m still shocked to see very little happening on the tour section of her website

Motel (from Sorry), is perhaps the most traditional pop-rock song that Meg has ever made. That said, it retains the qualities that make her earlier music (and the accompanying videos) so compelling. A forceful, breathless, delivery, an in-your-face style, and an underlying sexiness provided by Meg herself that is always jaw-dropping.

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I’m still hopeful that the blind will finally see the excellence in this rock and roll talent.  Whether it is a lack of promotion by Warner or some other factor that is playing a role in her lack of discovery, it’s way past time that it was fixed!

Check out Meg Myers now, and head up to her website for all of her purchase links.