Sinnober – Maria

Sinnober is a Danish-British three-piece, fronted by the instruments and vocals of husband and wife, Sebastian and Natalie Brice, with drummer Mike Griffiths providing additional vocals when needed. Maria is from the trio’s sophomore long-player, Little Wars (June 2016), which highlights exceptional songwriting and performances that leave the listener-at least this listener-awe struck.

Starting their musical careers as a duo (Adam and Eve), Sebastian and Natalie morphed into Sinnober with the addition of Mike Griffiths, which adds a much-needed metronome to the musical creation. 

Sebastian is also a male model as well as being the lead vocal and guitarist portion of Sinnober and Natalie is a belly-dancer multi-instrumentalist. Besides Sebastian’s lead vocals, which are stellar, the band has tight and lovely harmonies.

You can find more information on Sinnober by visiting the band’s website or pick up their music, including Little Wars and the equally excellent self-titled LP (January 2015)  from their site.

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