Meg Myers – Numb

Count me in with the people who are excited that Meg Myers is about to release a new long-player. It feels like a long dry spell between records, (the last long-player from Ms. Myers, Sorry, came out in 2015) but the wait is almost over and if the early single release is any indication, Meg is back with a vengeance. Numb (seen/heard here) is the first single from the forthcoming (at the time of this writing) Take Me To The Disco (July 2018). 

Myers music is always something wonderful to behold. She has the uncanny ability to create thoughtful lyrics on interpersonal relationships and situations that deliver not only musically, but create a sexual tension that lies just beneath the surface, and sometimes even just controlled rage. Vodka has followed Meg Myers for a long time. Here’s a look back beginning in 2012 (yes, I know what the official release date says, but Daughter In The Choir was originally released free on Myers website in 2012):

Monster (August 2012)

Tennessee (December 2012)

Heart Heart Head (June 2013)

Cold (Focus on Meg Myers) (June 2013)

Motel (July 2016)

While Myers’ music has reached some critical acclaim, it still falls well below the recognition it deserves. I see this all the time as I look at talented artists that struggle to be heard above the noise. Meg Myers is an exceptional talent!

For more information on Meg Myers, head on up to her very complete website. There is also tour information posted there and I encourage you to try and catch her live while she is on the road. Pick up a copy of Take Me To The Disco now!