Rebecca McDade – Needle In The Straw

Live from Portland, Oregon, comes the wonderful folksy folk of Rebecca McDade and Needle In The Straw from her debut long-player, To Call Home (April 2018). Thanks to my daughter, who caught Rebecca’s performance in a house concert recently, and forwarded her information. An earlier video was languishing in my drafts folder. Why? Well, because the vocal / music balance of her self-produced videos just was wrong and failed to properly tell her story. In short: the mix was wrong. The Rye Room Sessions here, alleviate that problem by providing a proper mix to both the vocals and the guitar and the results are stunning.

You can find more information about Rebecca McDade by visiting her nicely organized website, which includes all of her social links and only omits her site. There is a nice bio page; very concise and yet informative, that will give you a glimpse at the journey this young artist has already traveled. Let’s hope that there is much more to come!

Check out Rebecca McDade now for some heartfelt folk with a touch of Celtic flavoring! If you live in the Pacific Northwest area, check out her tour schedule for a place to visit her live near you.