Michelle Willis – Trigger (feat. David Crosby)

Ground UP artist Michelle Willis succeeds with Trigger (seen/heard here), not only creating a marvelous song but proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that David Crosby can still carry a beautiful high tenor harmony and provide more than adequate backup vocals. Sure, he’s aided here with a nice group of female backup singers, but I’ve always loved David Crosby’s voice. To be clear, this review is not about David Crosby. Michelle Willis is a consummate singer, songwriter, and keyboardist that creates wonderful bluesy, jazzy pop. Canadian born, Michelle now lives in Brooklyn NY. 

While Michelle is represented here by her solo career, she is also a member of David Crosby and Sky Trails, David Crosby & Lighthouse, and the Becca Stevens Band. Her first 6-song EP, Shining Bits And Pieces, was released in 2010, and her first LP, See Us Through, in 2016. Trigger should be part of her forthcoming LP, Just One Voice, releasing sometime this month on Ground UP. The new LP promises 11 new songs and will feature guest appearances from Crosby, Michael McDonald, Grégoire Maret, Becca Stevens, and Taylor Ashton. As with many Ground UP releases, it will also include a filmed live concert as part of the package.  

Michelle Willis
Michelle Willis

You can find more information on Michelle Willis by heading up to her nicely formatted and very complete website. The social, streaming, and purchase links are all there, plus a nice biography. Consider picking up her back catalog of music in the store link, and watch for the release of Just One Voice very soon!

Note: There is a reason to be cautiously optimistic about the trajectory of the COVID 19 virus. We’ve been here before and were turned back by the variants. Even with things improving, artists such as Michelle Willis could still use your purchases. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times.  Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated. — Vodka