AJ Wander – Take It All

AJ Wander may just be getting started at releasing music, but he’s been at this since childhood when he was surrounded by his pianist father’s works and multiple instruments. These were the influences that got AJ interested in playing and eventually creating music. Take It All (seen/heard here) is from his forthcoming EP, due out in late 2022. The subjects of the EP explore the events and chaotic aftermath of an explosive breakup. 

As an example of this, Take It All explores the feeling that you have just before you make the decision that things are over:

As I stage into the edge
Of our disaster
I falter at the finish line
I’m stuck inside the prism of the past
It comes and goes
It comes and goes

Tired of chasing fairy tale
Forever afters
‘Cos I heard they were just a lie
All the words I have
Caught behind my teeth
And they’re choking me
It’s getting hard to breathe”

And so it goes. That difficulty in letting go of something that just is not working. 

Here the music follows the mournfulness of the subject with a fierce intensity that carries the listener along for the ride. Throughout it all, however, the vocals are clearly heard, not obscured by faulty production values.

AJ Wander
AJ Wander

You can find some additional information on AJ Wander by heading up to his website. It has almost everything you require: social, streaming, and track purchase links via iTunes. What’s missing is a good bio for AJ.  The site is a pretty good billboard for AJ Wander, however, and worth the visit. While you wait for the EPs release, consider streaming and/or purchasing this great indie-pop artists’ music!

Note: There is a reason to be cautiously optimistic about the trajectory of the COVID 19 virus. We’ve been here before and were turned back by the variants. Even with things improving, artists such as AJ Wander could still use your purchases. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times.  Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated. — Vodka