Micky James – Kings

Rock may have taken a back-seat to a lot of newer genres of music, but there’s still a place for good rock and roll as exhibited here by Micky James anthem, Kings, the subject of which is: Take your country back before it’s too late! It’s a simple subject, and a timely message for a world gone completely nuts and politics gone deliberately sour. Though the anthem may be dire, the music is anything but. This is indeed an anthem, a raise-your-fist-in-the-air, singable, foot-stomping, toe-tapping anthem, that will have you out of your seat and moving in no time.

As videos go, Micky James low-budget affair works alright. The music is where it’s at, and the music is absolutely what good rock and roll should be. Hopefully, it will also be inspiring to those of you who for some odd reason think that things are going OK out there.

There’s not a ton of content out there from James. There are a handful of cover videos and originals, mostly audio-only, that you can take a look at. As far as finding out about the artist, you’ll have to use something other than his website, which is really just a placeholder at this point for his social links, but even that is not complete, as his twitter link is missing. The most complete listing of links is on James’ Facebook About page. I’m not a huge fan of Apple Music, but if you are, here is a link to his original content. You can also find most of his singles on Amazon, but not in one location. That’s the only negative I have about James and that is Vodka’s oft-repeated marketing message: Everything should link to everything else. The website should have all of your links (social and store). All of your social links should have links back to other social links, store, and website. Make sure that everyone can find you and your music from every source you have. These are just minor negatives, but they can have a big impact on your success or failure in this dog-eat-dog industry.

So those minor negatives aside, this is a great piece of rock-n-roll that deserves to be heard! Get out there and support Micky James by picking up his singles. Hopefully, there is a long-player in the works sometime in the near future!

Note: With Covid-19 still around, probably to be with us for some time, artists like Micky James and many others need your purchases to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka